Multi-Tenancy (Workspaces)

What are Workspaces?

Workspaces combine all elements and functions of the Datacake platform in one group.

  • Fleet and Devices

  • Rules and Rule-Engine

  • Global Dashboards

  • Members

  • Teams

  • Billing and Administration

What should I use workspaces for?

You use workspaces to implement the function of multi-client capability. Create separate areas in the platform for customers, distributors, or other persons, where the members of the respective workspaces can move around completely freely.

Your first workspace

When you register on the Datacake platform and create a user account, a separate workspace is automatically created for you.

The name of your workspace

If you own a company and enter its name in the Sign-Up dialog for registration, the automatically created workspace will automatically bear the name of your company.

If you do not enter a name for your company, the name of your first workspace will consist of a combination of your first and last name.

Change Workspace Settings

To change the current settings of your workspace, navigate to the "Workspace" item using the sidebar.

There you will find the setting options to customize your workspace, including

  • Assigning your own logo

  • Changing the Workspace Name

Switch between Workspaces

If you have more than one workspace, or you have been invited into a workspace by another user, you can switch to other workspaces at any time using the Workspace Selector.

Move your mouse over the Workspace-Selector, which you can find at the top of the sidebar. A context menu opens, which lists all workspaces to which you have access.

To switch to another workspace, simply click with the mouse on one of the entries in the list.

Current Workspace

This workspace selector also shows you at any time which workspace you are currently in.

Create additional Workspaces

The Datacake platform allows you to create your own additional workspaces. You can also move devices between workspaces or hold devices in multiple workspaces simultaneously.

To create another workspace, move your mouse pointer over the Workspace Selector at the top of the left sidebar.

The drop-down menu with a list for selecting your workspaces now opens. In the listing you will also find the item "Create Workspace".

If you click on this menu item, a modal opens, which you can use to assign a name to the new workspace.

Enter the desired name here and finally confirm your input by clicking the "Add Workspace" button. Your new workspace is now automatically created and the view in the browser automatically switches to the new workspace:

That's it. Your new workspace is now created and you or your user account has been automatically added to the workspace as a member with all rights.

You can now continue and create your own devices or add already existing devices.The latter can be done in the following ways:

  • Entering a Claim Code

Change Workspace Settings

If you want to change the settings of your newly created workspace, then proceed as we have already described above on this page.

Invite People into your Workspace

To load additional users into your workspaces, use the sidebar to navigate to the "Member" item under the "Administration" group.

There you will find a list of all members currently in the workspace, as well as the current rights of each member. With the button "Add Member" you can load further persons into your workspace.

More details about the processes, how to assign rights, and what effects this has on the person can be found in the following section:


Moving Devices between Workspaces

Currently, the only option to move a device between workspaces is to set a Pincode on your device and claim it into a different workspace by entering this code on the "Add Device" dialog.

We have written up more information and a tutorial on how to do that here:



If you place a device in multiple workspaces, then the workspace that originally created the device is also the ultimate owner of that device.

If you want to transfer the ownership to another workspace, then this is currently only possible by contacting us. In the near future, we will provide a function that allows you to transfer ownership by entering e-mail from an administrator of another workspace.

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