API Users

What are API Users?

API User are a special type of user accounts.

Create your first API User

To create an API user, navigate to the members' settings using the sidebar. You will find these under the group "Administration" and the item "Members".

Use the tab bar in the members panel and click on the item "API Users". This will take you to the API Users section, which lists all API users, if any are available.

To create a new API user, click on the button "Add API User". You will find this button at the top right of the panel after clicking on "API Users" in the tab bar.

Your should now see the following dialog:

Add API User to existing Team

Since API users in the portal behave like normal users, they can also be added to a team.

But why should you do this? Why not simply use a personal access token?

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, you could be invited into other workspaces by external persons. This invitation is then linked to your personal access token. In this way, you also adopt a partial security responsibility for external workspaces.

If you now use your own access token in such a way that it is brought onto an external device, this key can control not only your own devices, but also the devices of other people's workspaces (depending on the rights assigned to you by the person who invited you into his workspace).

You can create your own access token via API User instead. You then put this user into a team that is allowed to access all devices in the workspace-wide permissions. Thus you have the same desired effect, but only on your own devices!

Read more about Teams here:

Set Workspace Permissions

This section defines what the access token may do within the workspace. In other words, all non-Device-specific things, such as administration or creating actions in the Rule Engine.

Simply select the things you need for the token. A typical use case is when you need a token for the administration of your workspace, but not for individual devices.

The Options are identical to those you device when inviting a new member into your workspace. If you want to read more about the available options and what they do, read:

Set Device Permissions

When you create an API user, you can select during the definition which device the token is allowed to access and how this access is staggered.

Use the search field to enter the name of the respective Device, select it and then use the checkboxes to select the rights for the respective Device.

If you want to control a large number of devices or all devices in a workspace using the respective access token, it is recommended that you put the API user on a corresponding Datacake Team and activate Team-Wide access for all devices within the workspace.

You can read more about this topic under: