KPN's LoRa network server provides a scalable and secure infrastructure for IoT applications, offering nationwide LoRaWAN coverage in the Netherlands.

Get started by adding your device to Datacake. On the device's configuration page, click the "Change" button on the LoRaWAN settings panel. You will see a modal which shows you a "Uplink URL". Copy this URL, and add it as a HTTPS Destination in KPN Things.

Shared Secret

The Shared Secret setting in a KPN Things HTTP destination specifies a pre-shared key used for authenticating data transmissions between the KPN network server and Datacake, ensuring secure data exchange between the device and the cloud. This secret key must match the one configured on the KPN Things platform to ensure successful data forwarding.

It is the passwort set when setting up the destination in KPN Things. If you add it to the KPN settings in Datacake, we will ensure to only accept data signed with this secret.

If you leave the shared secret blank, we will not perform the additional verification and accept all data sent to the endpoint.

For downlinks to work, you need your GRIP Tenant ID which can be found in the KPN Things Portal, as well as a Client ID and Client Secret, which both can be created in the Things Portal as well.

Once you have saved this information in the device's KPN settings, we will use the information to generate an API token and send downlinks to your device.

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