Securing Webhooks

If you are not using the Datacake TTN option to connect your device to the Datacake Cloud, you should secure the device by requiring an access token in the webhook.

If you do not enable the authentication, in theory, someone else could craft a spoofed payload and transmit it to the Datacake webhook endpoints including the DevEUI of your device, which would result in this data to be stored on your device.

To prevent this, enable the "Webhook requires authentication" option either when creating the device or later in its configuration.

Securing a new LoRaWAN Device

When you create a new LoRaWAN Device using one of our provided templates you have the option to set the Securing of the Webhook during the Steps in the Configuration-Wizard.

Securing an existing LoRaWAN Device

When the option is enabled, all requests to the Webhook need to have the Authorization-Header set to Token YOURTOKENHERE. To learn how to generate access tokens, please go to:TTN

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