Device Dashboards

Your devices come with the option to create a specific dashboard with the values registered.

Edit mode

To enter Edit mode of your dashboard press on the Icon on the rightmost side of your screen, after to Permissions.

You can add new widgets, move the ones already there or edit the widgets' configuration on edit mode.

All device dashboards have also a Mobile view. You can create it basing it on the desktop version, by pressing More and selecting "Create from 'Desktop". then all widgets with their configurations will be copied into the Mobile version. You only need to rearrange them and that is it.

Copy a Dashboard

You can copy a Dashboard by going to Edit Mode and pressing on "More", the drop-down-list next to the Mobile view. Click on Copy Dashboard. It will get copied to your clipboard, so you can paste it by using the keyboard CTL+V (CMD+V).

On your Device Dashboard click on the Edit Mode Button.

This will bring up a new Button "Public Link".

If you click on this button you will see a modal popping up. Here you can activate and create a public link for your device by clicking on it.

This will change the view of the modal and bring up some input fields. To create and activate the Link to your device dashboards first of all simply press on "Create Public Link" Button as shown below.

Once done a saving-notification will pop up on top right and you will also see the QR-Code of the newly created link appearing.

That's it. The Link has successfully been created and your Dashboard is now publicly available. You can now move on and set an optional password or set permissions. More about this in the next chapter.

Download QR-Code

Once your Public Link has been created you can download a QR-Code of the link that leads to your public dashboard.

By deleting a public link you deactivate the QR-Code as well.

Attention. If you delete your Public Link (and reactivate it) the QR-Code will be regenerated and so all printed QR-Codes (as stickers, whatever) will no longer work.

Revoke Access

If you want to restrict or disable access to your Dashboard you should work with passwords and change or set passwords instead of deleting and re-activating a public dashboard link.


If you are on a White Label package your QR-Code shows the White Label branding Fav-Icon instead of the standard Datacake Icon.

Domain / URL

The URL of your shared Device Dashboard is also available on any of your White Label sites and will be something like:

Set Branding

If your QR-Codes do not show a correct branding you likely forgot to set the Fav-Icon on your White-Label Site. You can do this by navigating into the White Label settings on your Datacake Account.

Datacake uses the Favicon-Setting on your White Label site as the source for the QR-Code branding.

Password Protection

Datacake allows you to set an optional password for public device dashboards. User that access a password protected public device dashboard are asked for a password.

Set Password

Dashboard Passwords can be set in the setup dialog of a public link. Simply open up the public link settings and set a password in the "Password" input field like shown below:

In order to set the password please don't forget to save your edits.

Enter Password

When you or your users open up a pulic device dashboard via link and if this dashboard is protected by a password (like shown above) you (or your users) are required to provide the password.

Set Permissions

In your public link settings you can also choose a working-mode that defines the capabilities and permissions of a public dashboard.

Read only

Choose this mode if you only want to allow viewing a dashboard but not changing stuff, entering measurement values, and/or triggering downlinks.

Even if your shared dashboard does have widgets that allow inputs or triggering downlinks, these will not work in public if the mode is set to "Read Only".

Read & Write

Choose thise mode if you also want to allow users to change things, enter values, and/or trigger downlinks.

It might be a good idea to work with a password when setting "Read & Write" on a Dashboard as every person that has access to a public link can control the device linked to it.

Downlink Buttons are currently not working on public device dashboards. Use Input Widgets (as switch or slider) instead and work with field-triggers in your downlinks.

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