Data retention & Datapoints

What is data retention?

Data retention refers to the period of time in which datapoints will be stored in our time-series database.

So how much data retention do I need?

Depending on the application, you may need to collect data for the next few months, or only data from the last few days.

The database will begin to gradually discard the data. This means, that once the established data retention period is reached, the oldest packets will be dropped to make room for new packets received.

What are datapoints?

The datapoints are the measured values of your devices that gets stored as field entries into the Datacake database. Depending on your subscription plan, a certain number of fields or datapoints can be created per device.

This means, that depending on the subscription, the devices will be allowed to store within the created fields a maximum amount of collected data, after which they will start dropping packages. This will lead to a delay in the display of new data on the interface.

So how many datapoints do I need?

That depends on your specific use case. Please take into account the amount of data your sensors will transmit, how often and in how many fields this information will be divided. We recommend that you review this before you start transmitting data.

Below are the datapoints and data retention available per data subscription plan.


7 days data retention

1 month data retention

3 months data retention

12 months data retention

500 datapoints/day

1000 datapoints/day

2500 datapoints/day

7500 datapoints/day

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