No matter what type of device, each device created can be configured in its general configuration.

When you use the tab bar to navigate to the configuration of a device, the first item displayed is the summary of its general settings.


Here you can assign your own tags for your devices. These help you to sort your devices better. For example, use tags in the device overview in your own table on the global dashboards.


You can use metadata to add your own information to your devices, which does not necessarily have to be stored in a field of the database.

You can also use metadata in some widgets on the dashboard, e.g. to create an overview of measured values in a table and colorize this table based on metadata.

Online Timeout

If no further measured values or other messages are transmitted from a device within the time specified here, the device is displayed as offline in the listing and in other places.


With the help of Claiming you can move devices between Workspaces or share Devices with other persons like customers, etc.

Read more about Claiming here: