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A concise guide on using Datacake's Text Widget to create custom, sensor-integrated dashboard widgets with markdown support.

Datacake Text Widget

Welcome to the Datacake Text Widget tutorial! This guide will walk you through the process of leveraging the Text Widget in Datacake to create custom widgets on your dashboard. The Text Widget supports markdown and the inclusion of sensor values like humidity, temperature, and more, allowing you to design widgets tailored to your needs.


Watch an interactive tutorial on using the text widget in this video.

Getting Started with the Text Widget

To begin, navigate to your device dashboard on Datacake and enter edit mode by clicking on the "Edit Mode" button. The dashboard will switch to edit mode, enabling you to add new widgets.

Adding a Text Widget

  1. Click on the "Add Widget" button, represented by a blue button.

  2. A modal will appear, displaying the widget picker. Select the "Text Widget" to proceed.

  3. You'll be directed to the Text Widget editor, where you can provide your text and see a preview. The editor supports basic markdown, allowing you to include headlines, bullet point lists, and various text styles.

Configuring Your Text Widget

  • Markdown Usage: Utilize markdown to structure your content with headlines, lists, and text formatting.

  • Saving: Once you've finished editing, click "Save" to add the widget to your dashboard. You can rearrange your widgets as needed. To save your changes and exit edit mode, click the now yellow "Exit Edit Mode" button.

Including Sensor Values

Datacake allows you to integrate real-time sensor data into your Text Widget:

  1. Re-enter edit mode and click on the pencil icon of the Text Widget to edit it.

  2. To include sensor values, start by giving your section a title, like "Sensor Overview".

  3. As you type a sensor name (e.g., "Temperature"), Datacake suggests fields matching your input. Select the desired field to include it.

  4. You can also specify units for each sensor value to provide clear information (e.g., degrees Celsius for temperature, % for humidity).

Styling and Customization

  • Markdown for Styling: Enhance the presentation by using markdown to bold important figures or organize data efficiently.

  • Experimentation: The flexibility of the Text Widget and markdown allows for a range of visual customizations, encouraging experimentation.

Workspace Dashboard Widgets

Creating Text Widgets in a workspace dashboard involves an additional step:

  1. Add a new dashboard via the sidebar and name it (e.g., "Text Widget Demo").

  2. In the workspace dashboard, when adding a Text Widget, you must include the devices from which you want to access measurement values.

  3. After specifying devices, you can proceed to write your content and include sensor values as described above.

Support and Feedback

If you encounter any issues or have questions while setting up your Text Widget, feel free to reach out to Datacake support. We value your feedback and are here to assist with any inquiries.

Thank you for following this tutorial on how to effectively use the Text Widget in Datacake. Stay tuned for more tips and updates!

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