Field Roles


The Field Role function allows you to assign a role or function to individual database fields. The following roles are available:

  • Primary

  • Secondary

  • Device Battery

  • Device Signal

  • Device Location

These roles are then used by widgets or lists to automatically display certain information from your sensors.

For example, in the device list, you now have the option of displaying the favorite values of a sensor directly in the table or using the new grid view to display each device as a map with all information.

Setting Field Role

Existing Field

Navigate into the database section of your Datacake device.

Now click on the dots button at the right end of a field row. This will open up a context menu where you have to click on "Edit Field".

When you click on "Edit Field" this will open up a configuration modal where you can also set the Field Role. Click on "Role", this will open up a context menu that shows all the available field roles. Simply select one and don't forget to press on "Update Field".

New Field

If you are creating a new database field, you have the option to directly set the field role.

Using Field Roles

Device List

Field roles can be used to display measured values of your sensor devices directly in the device list table.

All you need to do is activate which field roles you want to display on the field list. Click on "Columns" and simply select the field roles.

You can switch your device list from a table view to a grid layout that shows you all devices as cards in a gallery overview.

Available Roles


Define the most important database field or the most important measured value of a sensor as Primary.


Consequently, define the second most important sensor value as Secondary.

Device Battery

With the Device Battery role, Datacake uses the selected field as battery information. It does not matter if you enter a numeric value as voltage or percentage.

Device Signal

With this role, Datacake uses the marked field as information about the signal strength of a sensor, e.g. RSSI or any other value.

Device Location

A Device Location can only be applied to Geolocation fields and tells Datacake that this field contains information about the location of the sensor.

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