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Setting Your Workspace Dashboard as the Homepage in Datacake

In this documentation, we introduce a highly requested feature that enhances the navigation and usability of your Datacake workspaces. The ability to set a workspace dashboard as the homepage of your workspace streamlines your workflow, allowing you to access your most important information immediately upon login or workspace switch. Below, we guide you through the steps to utilize this new feature effectively.


Introduction to the New Feature

Datacake has rolled out a feature update enabling users to set a workspace dashboard as the homepage of their workspaces. Traditionally, accessing a Datacake workspace directed users to the device list by default. While this view is essential, the flexibility to land directly on a customized workspace dashboard can significantly enhance user experience, especially for those who rely on dashboard visuals to monitor their operations immediately.

How to Set a Workspace Dashboard as Your Homepage

  1. Access the Workspace Dashboard: Navigate to the workspace where you wish to set the dashboard as the homepage. Workspaces in Datacake typically start with a device list view, showcasing various devices organized, potentially, into folders (e.g., first floor, second floor) each with its device list.

  2. Edit Dashboard Metadata: In the desired workspace, enter the edit mode for the dashboard you want to set as the homepage. You can do this by selecting "Edit Dashboard Metadata." This option allows you to modify the dashboard settings and attributes.

  3. Activate the Home Dashboard Option: Within the dashboard editing interface, look for an option to mark the dashboard as the home dashboard. This is usually a switch or checkbox labeled appropriately. Enabling this option designates your current dashboard as the workspace's homepage.

  4. Save Your Changes: After enabling the home dashboard option, ensure to save your changes by clicking on "Update Dashboard." This action confirms your preference and applies the changes to your workspace.

  5. Verify the Change: Post-update, you can verify that the dashboard is now set as the homepage by looking for a small house icon next to the dashboard name in the sidebar. This icon indicates that the dashboard is now the homepage of the workspace.

Switching Between Workspaces

After setting a workspace dashboard as the homepage, the new setting enhances how you navigate between workspaces:

  • Initial Access: Upon logging in or switching to a workspace with a designated homepage dashboard, Datacake will direct you straight to this dashboard instead of the default device list view.

  • Navigating to Other Workspaces: When you switch to another workspace that doesn’t have a home dashboard set, Datacake will display the device list as usual. However, returning to a workspace with a home dashboard set will direct you immediately to that dashboard.

  • Flexibility: Each workspace can have its own designated home dashboard. This flexibility allows for customized navigation that suits the specific needs of different projects or operational areas within Datacake.

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