Best practices: Grouping Devices

See how you can leverage workspace dashboard to allow Grouping Devices by Tags

Datacake is a platform that simplifies device management. A recent tutorial explains how Datacake's features can transform device organization and interaction, especially by utilizing tags and dashboard groupings for better management.


The tutorial commences with a walkthrough of the Datacake workspace, where a whopping total of 105 devices are showcased. The initial hurdle outlined is the daunting task of managing this sizable collection, all initially congregated in a single, overwhelming device list. This scenario begs for a more structured and manageable approach to device oversight.


Please have a look at the following video for a complete overview.


Tags and Dashboards: The Organizational Backbone

Addressing this need, the tutorial shines a light on the significance of tags and dashboard groupings. Tags emerge as a pivotal categorization tool, streamlining device management and monitoring. The video further introduces the concept of sidebar and workspace dashboards, key in segregating devices for an orderly and navigable workspace.

Unveiling Grouping Capabilities

A highlight of the tutorial is the introduction to grouping sidebar dashboards, a feature unveiled a few months before the tutorial's release. The presenter demonstrates the process of creating folders for different building levels—specifically, the first and second floors. This organizational tactic not only facilitates workspace navigation but also amplifies the efficiency of device monitoring based on their physical locations within a structure.

Dashboard Creation and Customization

At the tutorial's core is the process of crafting dashboards for specific tags. An illustrative example is the creation of a "cafeteria" dashboard, designated for devices tagged correspondingly. This segment meticulously walks viewers through selecting tags, dashboard creation, and widget addition to display pertinent data, such as device names and measurements like temperature and humidity. The tutorial carefully guides through the customization of widget appearance and configuration saving, ensuring a personalized dashboard experience.

Enhancing the Organizational Framework

Building on the cafeteria dashboard example, the tutorial extends the organizational framework to include additional dashboards for various tags, such as "export." Each dashboard is meticulously tailored to exhibit devices linked to its respective tag, showcasing Datacake's customization and organizational flexibility. The tutorial further explores the rearrangement of dashboards within folders, optimizing the structural organization.

Advancing Widget Customization

A notable tutorial segment delves into advanced widget customization techniques. It explains how to incorporate and organize multiple columns within widgets, including indicators for devices' online and offline statuses. This functionality mimics the overall device list's layout, offering a familiar and user-friendly interface for interaction.

Wrapping Up: A Holistic Organizational Solution

The tutorial concludes by highlighting how Datacake can serve as a comprehensive tool for creating a well-organized, efficient workspace for building device management. Through strategic tag use, dashboard groupings, and widget customization, users can achieve unparalleled organizational clarity, streamlining device management processes. This approach not only conserves time but also significantly improves monitoring and management efficiency, establishing Datacake as an essential resource for building management professionals and beyond.

Essential Insights

  • Datacake's tag and dashboard grouping features present a robust solution for comprehensive device fleet management.

  • Establishing folders for different building levels and allocating dashboards to these folders fosters a highly structured workspace.

  • Customizable widgets afford granular control over the presentation of device data, meeting specific management requirements.

  • Effective device and dashboard grouping based on tags markedly enhances device management efficiency.

By adhering to the guide provided in the tutorial, Datacake users can revolutionize their approach to device management, transforming a potentially cumbersome task into a manageable and streamlined operation. This tutorial not only showcases Datacake's capabilities but also underscores the importance of structured organization in the contemporary digital landscape.

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