What is Claiming?

You can share your Datacake devices with others using a pin code and serial number without having to invite those persons.These persons only need to register for use on the Datacake Cloud.

If you give the pin code and serial number to these persons, they can "claim" the device by entering both into their workspace.

Pincode claiming is only available for paid devices!

What is this for?

With the help of pin code and serial numbers, devices can be delivered anonymously. The end user can insert the devices you have purchased into his workspace by entering the pin code and serial number. You do not need to know in advance who the person actually is. This is ideal for:

  • Selling or renting products without knowing who the end user will be.

  • Providing the functions of a device.

  • Sharing devices.

  • Involving dealers.

Set Pincode

Open the configuration of your device that you want to share via the claiming.

Under "General Configuration" at the end of the panel you will find the options for claiming. Just scroll down the page a little and you'll find the following options:

Activate Claiming

Activate the checkbox "Device can be claimed by other Workspace" to enable the claiming function for the current device.

The checkbox is checked by default, but the pin code is not set. But don't worry: As long as the pincode is not set, the device cannot be claimed by another user, even if he knows the serial number.

Claim Code

In this text field (marked green) you can enter any pin code. It can consist of numbers, letters or both.

Claim a Device

To understand how claiming works, we will also show you how to insert a device into a workspace using the combination of pin code and serial number.

First of all navigate to your fleet view (Fleet / All Devices) via the sidebar (marked red in the following screenshot).

Now add a new device. To do so, please click on the button "Add Device". Now the following modal will appear:

Select "Pincode claiming" from the collection of available device types. You can also recognize this by the QR Code symbol.

Please enter the serial number and the pin code in the corresponding text fields. To add the device, confirm your entry with either "Add Device" or "Add Device and configure" (the latter will take you directly to the configuration of the device).

If the pin code and serial number have been entered correctly, the claiming was successful. The device is now available in your workspace.



Once a device has been claimed by a user into another workspace using the claiming function, that function is automatically deactivated. I

If the device is then to be claimed again, the function must be reactivated as described above.

Pin code override

The pin code option is also available to your end customers. This means that the person who added one of your devices to his workspace via claiming can also reactivate the claiming and assign a different pin code.

This pin code is bound to the device itself. This means that you can also see the changed pin code of the end user.

Privacy Protection

For reasons of data protection, there is currently no possibility for you to find out in which workspaces and by which user the respective device was claimed.

So make sure at all times that you make the pin code and serial number available only to selected persons.

Selling Products

If you use the claiming in your sales activities and you sell the products anonymously, you usually do not know who the end customer will be.

If you still want to provide proactive support, then have your customers invite you to their workspace. In this way, your customers will have explicitly agreed to the access and are on the safe side as far as data protection is concerned.

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