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Manage your Subscriptions

In the billing dialog under the group "Administration" you can view all details of the currently active subscriptions. To do so, navigate to the "Administration" group using the sidebar and then head over to the "Billing" group:
The following screenshot shows a sample subscription for our service "Cake Red".

Cancel Subscriptions

Below the listing you will also find the necessary buttons to cancel your subscriptions. Simply click on the respective button.

Add Payment Method

To purchase Subscriptions or Cake Red, a valid credit card must be registered in the Datacake Portal. The payment method settings can be found in the "Billing" section under the Administration group. When you navigate to this section you should see the following content:
The first entry in the billing panel sets the "Payment Method". To add a credit card, please click on "Update" here.
The following dialog will then appear:
Now press on "Add Card" to enter valid Credit Card Information using the following dialog:
Last modified 3yr ago