This document provides detailed information on the recent updates to the Datacake billing system and workspace selection process. Designed to offer a seamless user experience, these updates encompass enhancements in billing practices, device management, and workspace organization.

Billing Section Access

Located in the sidebar of Datacake, the Billing option leads users to the billing section where they can manage their account's financial aspects.

Organization-Based Billing

New Feature Post-April 2024: Workspaces are linked to organizations to consolidate billing and device management.

Starting from April 2024, Datacake has introduced organization-based billing. This allows you to:

  • Create a billing account on your first starting workspace.

  • When creating a new workspace, use the existing organization for billing the new workspace.

  • Consolidate the billing of all workspaces under a single organization.

  • If you create a new workspace without assigning it to an existing organization, you can create a new organization and then create separate workspaces under different organizations.

  • Have multiple organizations, each with multiple workspaces.

  • Share billing within an organization. For example, purchases like SMS credits and extra features are shared throughout the organization.

Manage Billing

  • Within the Billing section, users can update billing names, addresses, tax ID, and payment methods.

  • Access to the Stripe billing center (Datacake utilizes Stripe for billing purposes) is provided for managing payment methods and viewing subscription information and invoice history.

Manage your Subscriptions

If you want to see a list of all your subscriptions within a single organization, please access the Stripe Billing Center by using the "Manage Billing" button in the Billing section on Datacake. This will lead you to the Stripe Billing Center where all your subscriptions for this organization are listed.


If you want to cancel your subscriptions, here are the following guidelines:

  • To delete a single device subscription, you can delete the device or downgrade its current device plan.

  • To cancel an upgrade like white label or the rules add-on, go to their particular pages on the sidebar and cancel the selected product.

Cancelation of Organization

To cancel subscriptions for your entire organization, go to the billing section, scroll down to the bottom, and use the button for canceling all subscriptions.

Please note that this action will cancel all subscriptions of your organization, including all workspaces within it. This action cannot be undone.

Update Payment Method

When you purchase something on Datacake, our platform asks for payment details, especially on the Pay As You Go plan. If you need to update a credit card, add a second one, or change the credit card, you can do this by updating the payment information. This can be done within the Stripe Billing Center. To access it, navigate to the sidebar, click on Billing, and then select Manage Billing to open up the Stripe Billing Center. Inside, you can update your credit cards and payment details as needed.

Purchase SMS

As before, SMS credits can be purchased on the billing section. Simply use the sidebar to enter the billing section, click on "Top up SMS," and choose a desired package.

Sharing SMS

Since the introduction of the latest feature, organization-based billing now allows SMS credits to be shared between workspaces. This means that if you purchase a package of SMS credits within your organization and your organization has more than one workspace, the SMS credits are available for all workspaces.

Adding Workspace to Organization

When you add a new workspace, starting in April 2024, you now have the option to add that workspace to an existing organization.

Once a workspace is added to an organization, the billing that is set on the organization is shared across all workspaces. Additionally, SMS credits and updates like Rule Engine are also shared between workspaces.

Disconnecting Workspace from Organization

Right now, it is not possible to disconnect an existing workspace from an organization once it has been added to that organization.

Independent Workspace

If you still need to have independent workspaces, you should create a new workspace without adding it to an existing organization.

This also has the benefit of creating a new organization, providing you with two independent organizations that can be used for separate billing systems shared among distinct sets of workspaces.

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