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With Datacakes native Integration, any device can be integrated into the Datacake Cloud.


In the Datacake Cloud the data from your devices can be used for the following functions:

  • Creation of real-time dashboards via WYSIWYG editor

  • Definition of rules for notification by SMS High-resolution long-term data storage incl. graphic evaluation

  • Export of measurement data to CSV, Excel or JSON or via REST-API

  • Inviting people to collaborate including management of rights and roles

  • Deployment of the portal to customers, employees, etc.

  • Creation of global dashboards

  • Use of a managed Node-RED variant called Cake Red

  • Debug overview with continuous storage of the last 100 Publishes

Create Datacake Account

If you haven't already done, please head over to our sign up page and register a new account on Datacake.

Registering is free and your first 2 devices on Datacake will also be forever free. Read more about our pricing here:

To sign up for a new account simply follow this link here:

Add your first Particle Device

The first thing that you see after you have successfully signed up on Datacake is an empty Workspace, very similar to the following screenshot:

To start the process of adding your first Device please press on the "Add Device" button on the top right corner of the "Devices" Panel:

This will now show you a panel that contains various methods of creating new devices. Here you select the item "Particle" from the icons.

Add Particle Account

The Datacake integration accesses your products and devices via the API.

So if you have already created products on the Console, and want to import them into a product and corresponding devices on Datacake, then you need to create an API token.

You can then paste this token into the text field on the setup dialog in Datacake.

Create Access Token

If you don't know how to create a API token, you can see the blue hint box by clicking on "Details". There the necessary steps will be explained to you.

After pasting the Token into the text field please press on "Add" in order to link and create that account on Datacake.

Select Account

As you can add multiple tokens at the same time the last thing that you need to do is to select the Account (that's linked to that Token) from a list. We do fetch all information about that Account using the Token.

After you have selected the desired account please head over to the next step. You can get there by pressing on the "Next" button at the bottom right corner of that dialog.

Continue without Particle Account

If you don't currently have a account, or don't have the device in a Product (so it's in your Console as a Private Product instead), then you can skip the process of adding it via Particle API Token.

Just click on the "Continue without account" button.

Why should I use a token?

Import Products and Devices

We use the API for automated device creation on Datacake. To be able to access those, we need your API Token.

Call Particle Functions

To trigger functions, i.e. "Particle Function", you also need a token. If your devices have functions, a token is indispensable.

Chose Product

The next step is now a bit more extensive. Here you have to select the product through which we should import the particle devices. The dialog looks something like the following screenshot:

Datacake Product

Each device in the Datacake platform belongs to a product. A product defines:

  • Dashboard

  • Fields in the Database

  • Code-Snippet of how the data is stored in the device.

The Datacake Products are connected 1:1 with the Products. This means that:

  • Only devices from the same product can be imported into a corresponding Datacake product.

New Product

You select "New Product" when you:

  • Have not yet imported a Product and/or Device to Datacake.

  • You want to add another Product on Datacake.

Existing Product

You select "Existing Product" if you:

  • Add new devices created on the Console to an existing Datacake Product.

New Product from Template

You select "New Product from Template":

  • If you own a hardware like the Asset Tracker One and want to import these devices using a Template for Dashboard, etc.

Read more about Templates here:


Functions of Datacake products:

  • Each device inherits the properties defined in the product.

  • If changes are made to the product, these apply to all devices that belong to the product.

Importing Devices into existing Datacake Product

If you have already imported one or more devices, there will also be a product in your workspace for it.

Via this dialog, you can then select further devices to be imported into the product. So if you have created new devices on Particle, but the product already exists, you only need to use the importer to import these devices again.

Please note that you can only import devices into an existing product that belong to the same product that belongs to the Datacake product.

Particle Product

The following section shows you a list of all products from the Particle Console that have been assigned to your account and Access Token.

In this table, you now select the Particle Product matching the option selected above and whose devices you want to import.

To proceed to the next step, press "Next".

Select Device

In the next step, you will see a table containing all devices of the product on the Console. Here you can select individual devices or import them all at once.

Grayed-Out Devices

If some devices are grayed out in the list, it is due to the following reasons:

  • The device has already been imported

  • The device cannot be imported because it is not compatible

Batch-Import new Devices

If you want to import subsequently created devices, then you can still check the box for "Import all devices". Only the devices that can be imported will be imported. Duplicates will not be created.

Device Plan

Finally, to add the devices on Datacake, you need to select a pricing plan for the devices.

We allow the creation of up to 2 devices for free. In addition, devices can be purchased for different prices and models.

More details about pricing can be found at:

Will taxes be applied to my pricing?

Only if you are a customer within Germany, we charge taxes on the prices.

Reverse Charge

For customers within Europe (not Germany), we can apply the reverse charge procedure. For this, we need your Vat-ID, which you can provide together with your address.

Non-EU Customers

For customers outside Europe we will not charge any tax.

More Information about Billing and how you set your Tax-ID can be found here:


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