Getting Started

How to get started on Datacake using your own LoRaWAN Gateways and any LoRaWAN Device.

About Datacake LNS

Datacake LNS is designed to bridge a gap that customers often face when taking their first steps with LoRaWAN technology. Recognizing the challenges associated with connecting external LoRaWAN Network Servers (LNS) to Datacake, we decided to develop our own integrated LNS solution. This integration allows users to directly add their LoRaWAN gateways and devices to Datacake, eliminating the need for any external LNS. This development simplifies the process for users, making it more straightforward and accessible.

Key Features

  • Direct Integration: Users can now add their own LoRaWAN gateways and any LoRaWAN device directly to Datacake without the need for an external LNS.

  • Simplified Process: Adding gateways and devices is done through the Datacake frontend, known for its user-friendly interface, making the process especially easy.

  • No Gateway Required: Don't have your own Gateway? You can still add devices to the Datacake LNS using over 20k public Gateways!

Limitations and Clarifications

While Datacake LNS serves as a helpful tool for users new to LoRaWAN, facilitating quick onboarding of gateways and devices, it is not intended to replace the advanced features offered by third-party LoRaWAN Network Servers such as The Things Network, Loriot, Actility, among others. Datacake LNS is ideally suited for applications that involve:

  • A smaller number of gateways (up to 20 per workspace)

  • A smaller number of devices (up to 200 per workspace)

These are not hard limits but rather recommendations. As a LoRaWAN network expands, there may be a need for more sophisticated debugging and management tools, which are typically available through external LNS solutions.

How to get started

Add your first LoRaWAN Gateway

Learn how to add your first Gateway to Datacake by visiting the following subpage of this tutorial.


Add your first LoRaWAN Device

Discover how to directly add LoRaWAN devices to Datacake by following the instructions provided on this subpage of the getting started guide.


Don't have a gateway yet? If you are within range of a third-party Gateway, you can still use Datacake LNS. Check our tutorial here:

Add Devices without Gateway

Background Information

You find a video showing you the background information about our LNS on the following subpage.

pageAdd Devices without Gateway

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