Kerlink Wanesy

Open Push Configurations

Follow the following steps in order to connect your Kerlink Wanesy LoRaWAN Network Server to Datacake.

Use the Sidebar on the left side and navigate into "Administration" -> "Clusters" and "Push Configurations".

Under Push-Configurations you have to create a new one. You can do this by clicking on the large and yellow "+" button on bottom right.

This will open up a configuration modal where you can set up the Integration for Datacake.

Setup Push Configuration

When creating a new Push Configuration you are required to enter the following details:


In the first step, you are required to provide a name and set the Type of your configuration.

  • Select "HTTP" as the Type

  • Set Message Detail Level to "Network"


Next, you need to provide the Details and URL for Datacake Integration:

  • Copy the following URL into the field of "URL":


  • Type any User into the field "User"

  • Leave out Password

  • Place / for both Data Up route and Data Down event route

Head over to the next step by clicking on "Next".


The next section will ask you for SSL setup details.

You can skip this setting entirely. SSL is used in anyways.

Custom Headers

The following step is optional and is not required. We recommend skipping this when it's the first time you are working with the integration of Kerlink Wanesy.

If you want to make your webhooks more secure, you can provide an optional Authentication using a personal Access Token which you can create in your Workspace.

Read more about this here:

pageSecuring Webhooks
  • Set the "Key" to: Authentication

  • set "Value to: Token MYTOKENFROMDASHBOARD

Of course, you need to replace MYTOKENFROMDASHBOARD with the Token, you created in your Workspace.

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