Add Devices without Gateway

On this page we show you how you can leverage the Datacake LNS feature for LoRaWAN Devices, even if you don't have a Gateway in range.


Datacake LNS offers a unique and powerful feature that enables users to integrate LoRaWAN devices into their network without the necessity of owning or managing a physical gateway.

This capability stems from Datacake's strategic decision to utilize a commercial instance of The Things Industries (TTI), which leverages the Packet Broker. This integration provides Datacake LNS with access to the extensive network of publicly available LoRaWAN gateways hosted on The Things Network (TTN) around the globe.


Why Is This Possible?

The backbone of this feature is the utilization of TTN's Packet Broker, allowing Datacake LNS to communicate with an array of public LoRaWAN gateways worldwide.

If your devices are within the coverage area of TTN's vast network of gateways, you can directly connect your LoRaWAN devices to Datacake LNS without the need for a personal gateway. This capability is particularly beneficial in densely covered areas, such as major cities like Rotterdam or Amsterdam, where TTN's network infrastructure is robust.

How to Connect Your LoRaWAN Device to Datacake LNS Without a Gateway

  1. Access the Add Device Modal: Navigate to the device section of your Datacake workspace and initiate the process to add a new device by clicking on the "Add Device" button.

  2. Device and Template Selection:

    • LoRaWAN Preselection: The modal will have LoRaWAN preselected as the communication protocol for your device.

    • Template Selection: Choose the appropriate template for your LoRaWAN device from the list of available templates. This ensures that the device is correctly configured with the necessary parameters for communication.

  3. Select Datacake LNS: When prompted to choose a network server, select the Datacake LNS option. This enables your device to connect via the TTN network, utilizing available public gateways.

  4. Enter Device Details: Provide the necessary details for your device, including:

    • DevUI: The unique identifier for your LoRaWAN device.

    • AppUI and AppKey: Essential credentials for securing the connection between your device and the network.

    • Frequency: Choose the frequency that corresponds to your device and geographical location.

  5. Leverage TTN Network: After completing the device setup, your device can communicate through the TTN network without a dedicated gateway. This is made possible by the public LoRaWAN gateways available within TTN's extensive network coverage.

How to know if coverage is available?

To see if there is a nearby TTN Gateway, go take a look at the following webpage:

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