Adding Integrations

For the smooth functioning of the Particle Integration, a connection between the Particle Console and Datacake must be established.

For calling Particle Functions we use your Access Token for this purpose.

For forwarding Particle Publish calls from your devices, a webhook integration must be stored in the Particle Console for each message type.

We will show you how to do this in this documentation.

Add a new Webhook

Now open your Particle Console and navigate to the product whose devices you want to import into Datacake.

Use the sidebar to navigate to the integration section. After a click this will appear and show you something like the following picture:

Now add a first integration. To do this, click on "New Integration" and select the integration type in the next step.

Here we choose the type "Webhook Integration".

Configure Webhook

Event Name

Here you define the name of your event. So if your device publishes the following event Particle.Publish(“temperature”, ...); - enter exactly the same name in the text field for the event name.


Paste in the following URL into the Textfield:

Request Type

The request type can be left at the default setting:

  • POST

Request Format

We also leave the request format at its default setting. This is:

  • Web Form

Repeat for every Event

For each event that you want to transfer from your devices to the Datacake integration, you must create a separate integration using the same principle. So if your device uses the following events, you need to create a separate webhook integration for each of them.

float temp = 19.5;
float hum = 66.5;

Particle.publish("temperature", String::format("%.1f", temp);
Particle.publish("humidity", String::format("%.1f", hum);

Particle Diagnostic Integration

In addition to your own events, there are system events that are anchored in the operating system of your devices (Device OS). These events are used for diagnostics or other functions and can also be transferred to the Datacake platform to display the diagnostics there.

Device Online / Offline Status

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