What is a Product?

A product defines the fields in the database, the dashboard, the payload decoders, encoders for downlinks and product-specific settings, such as LoRaWAN network provider or other information concerning integrations.

Each device created on Datacake belongs to a Product. Thus, the device inherits the number of fields, the specific downlinks, decoders and other settings during adding or creation.

TL;DR. A product defines:

  • Database Fields

  • Dashboard

  • Payload Decoder

  • Downlinks

A device inherits and overrides these settings and/or overwrites (or stores data into the database fields).


According to the above description, the Product-Device structure in Datacake is as follows:

What are the benefits of using Products?

With a product you define properties that you can apply to all devices that belong to that product. You can consider products as a kind of template that defines the functions, properties and other things.

Thus, a product makes it easier to work with devices in large numbers.

Creating a Product

New Product from Template

For many devices of the different integrations (Particle, LoRaWAN) Datacake offers prefabricated product templates.

You can see if and which templates are available by selecting this option in the Add-Device modal. You should then see something like the following view:

Existing Product

New Product

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