What is Cake Red?

It's managed Node-RED inside your Datacake Workspaces. You can purchase Cake Red through an in-portal purchase as a monthly subscription to your workspace. During activation, a separate, self-contained server is provided on which node Red and other components are automatically installed.


Cake Red has an advanced firewall. This allows among other things:
    Own whitelisting for URLs (for own APIs)
    Port forwarding for UDP and TCP (for incoming server services)

Public URL

Your server is accessible via its own Cake Red URL. This is structured as follows:
This is just a demo URL - This is what your URL would look like
You can use this URL for the following services:
    Hosting the Node-RED Dashboard
    Deployment of your own REST-API
    Accept incoming connections


Cake Red is available as an optional subscription within your Datacake Workspaces.
It costs: 10,-€ per Month and per Workspace (excl. VAT).
For this you get:
    Dedicated Virtual Server (non shared)
    1 Virtual CPU
    1 GB RAM
    1 TB Traffic per Month
    25 GB SSD
    Unlimited Node-RED
    24/7 Runtime
    Fully upgradable (can install extensions)
    Your own Public URL


Can I share one Instance between multiple Workspaces?

No. But you can share Devices between Workspaces. So you could create Devices in the Workspaces where Cake Red is installed and create a Flow here that controls the devices. If you want to share this device with other members you can create a separate Workspace and make this device also available through Claiming:
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