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For both API and GraphQL API you need an API token, which you create via the portal. How to do this is shown in this guide. You can use two different ways to get an access token.

  • You use your own personal Access-Token. This is automatically created for you by the portal.

  • You create an API user and assign individual rights, roles, and devices.

In the following sections, we explain how to implement the two methods mentioned above.

Personal Access Token

When you register on the Datacake platform and create a user account, a token is automatically created.

This token has the rights that you have been assigned, that is:

  • As the owner of a workspace, you basically have all rights.

  • If you were invited to a workspace by an external person, you have the respective rights, roles and devices that were assigned to you by the third person.

Remember that if you are invited into an external workspace, your Access Token inherits some responsibility for that external workspace. So always handle your personal Access Token with care and do not share it with third parties.

View your Personal Access Token

You can view your own token via the User-Settings-Menu. You can reach this menu by clicking on "Edit Profile" at the end of the list using the Workspace Selector:

You will now see a menu where you can make your personal account settings. There is also a sidebar and in this you will find the item "API". If you click on it, you will find your personal access token there:

To make the access token visible, confirm the "Show" button. The text is now visible and you can copy the token.

Please note that your API token gives access to your whole account, so treat it with caution! Never pass on this token. If you have been invited to other workspaces by external persons, this token is also valid for these workspaces. You are responsible for the safe use of this key!

Create your own Access Token

Particularly with regard to security, it is advisable in many cases to create your own access tokens and assign these tokens only those rights, roles and devices that are necessary for the purpose for which the respective token is to be used.

You create your own tokens by creating so-called "API users". These are basically complete user accounts, but without "physical" users in the background. The enormous advantage of this concept is that you can also assign tokens or API users to your teams and other functions.

How to create and configure such an API user is described in the following section:

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