Actility ThingPark

Add Devices

When you add a new LoRaWAN Device, please select the Actility LNS.


Please use the following URL to forward sensor data from any Actility ThingPark or Community LNS.

  • URL:

You will find the URL also on the platform in the LoRaWAN Settings on the Configuration View of your device.

The following steps are only required if you wish to send Downlinks from Datacake to the Device. If you only need upstream messages (sensor to platform), you don't need to go through the following steps.

Downlinks use the Actility ThingPark DX API. To set up downlinks, you need the following information:

  • Hostname of your ThingPark DX API

  • A ThingPark DX API Token


  • Target Profile Identifier (to be configured in your DX API Platform)

  • A valid ThingPark login (email & password)

If you change the password of the configured user at a later point, the token Datacake stores becomes invalid and the integration has to be configured again. For this reason it is recommended to create an API-only user.

On the device's configuration tab, in the LoRaWAN settings, click the "Change" button on the Network Server panel.

Select Actility as your Network Server and choose "Add new configuration" if you don't already have an active Actility configuration in your workspace.

This will open a form that lets you input your ThingPark's hostname as well as the token. If you don't have a token yet, Datacake provides a tool that lets you create a token. For this, enter the Hostname, Target profile identifier as well as the ThingPark login details and click "Generate Token". This will create a token for the user on ThingPark and populate the upper Token field.

Once the Token field has been populated, click the "Update" button. This will store the configuration and reflect in a "Downlinks configured" status.

Delete Configurations

If you need to delete a ThingPark configuration from Datacake, you can do so via the Integrations section in the sidebar. In there, you will find a "LoRa Network Servers" tab that lists all configured ThingPark instances in the workspace with an option to delete them.

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