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CSV Import

How to import LoRaWAN devices via CSV-File


With Datacake, you can easily import LoRaWAN devices through a CSV file. Just drag and drop the file into the designated upload area outlined in step 3, labeled "Device".
Step 3 - Add Devices manually or via CSV-File


To ensure proper formatting, the CSV file must adhere to the following row structure.
DevEUI;Device Name;Device Location;Tag 1,Tag 2,Tag 3
If you only wish to share the DevEUI and Device Name, it's not necessary to include the Device Location and Tags.
DevEUI;Device Name;;Tag 1,Tag 2,Tag 3
DevEUI;Device Name;Device Location;
DevEUI;Device Name;;

File Example

Please ensure that your CSV file is structured exactly the same as the provided example.
123456789abcdef1;Device 1;Room 101;Temperature,Humidity,Pressure
aabbccddeeff1122;Device 2;Room 202;Light,Occupancy,Safety
f0e1d2c3b4a59687;Device 3;Room 303;CO2,Smoke,Fire
0123456789abcdef;Device 4;Room 404;Noise,Vibration,Shock
fedcba9876543210;Device 5;Room 505;Water,Level,Flow
Avoid using a header on the first line of the CSV. This can cause confusion for the importer and is not necessary. Thank you for your cooperation.

Template File

Example CSV-File as Template


To attach tags to your devices, simply include them in the 4th column of the CSV file.
123456789abcdef1;Device 1;Room 101;Temperature
Please remember to separate multiple tags with a comma.
123456789abcdef1;Device 1;Room 101;Temperature,Humidity,Pressure
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