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An uplink is a message your device sends to Datacake. To connect Senet to Datacake, start by adding a HTTP/HTTPS forwarder with the destination URL
Downlinks are messages Datacake sends back to your devices. They are commonly used for configuration or setting outputs on your devices (where applicable).
To connect Datacake to Senet, start by clicking on the username in the top-right corner of the Senet portal:
From the dropdown menu, select Edit Account Info.
Click on the Generate API Key button
on the right side under Developer API Key to generate and display a new API Key.
Copy this API Key and head back to Datacake, where you go to your device's configuration tab and scroll down to the LoRaWAN section. There, click the "Change" button on the Network Server settings:
In the modal, enter the Senet API Key that you just copied and click the Update button.
Congratulations, you can now send downlinks to your devices on Senet 🎉
Last modified 8mo ago