Send sensor data from Tektelic LNS to Datacake.


In this guide, we will show you how you set up the Tektelic LNS correctly so that it forwards data to the Datacake IoT platform.

Read more about Tektelic here:

Create Data Converter

In order to be able to forward your sensor data to Datacake you need to create a new data converter on the Tektelic LNS configuration page.


  • Enter a simple name like "Datacake Converter"


  • In here please select "Custom" as the converter type.


  • By selecting "Custom" as the type for that converter this prepopulates the Decoder section with a short JavaScript Snippet.

  • Please leave this short snippet unchanged.


  • In case you don't see a default snippet, you can pase in the following:

var arr = []; 
for (var i = 0; i < bytes.length; ++i) { 
return {
    "bytes": JSON.stringify(arr), 
    "port": port, 
    "paylod length": bytes.length

Create Integration

Now we need to set up an integration on the application from which you want to forward the data.


  • Please give your integration a name, like "Datacake Integration".


  • In here you select the "HTTP" type.

Data Converter

  • Here you select the Datacake data converter that you have created in the step before, which is also documented in the previous chapter.

Application Address

  • Please set the application address to the following (see screenshots above and below if you are not 100% sure):

  • api.datacake.co


  • As we are wanting to use SSL encrypted communication only you have to set the port to the following number:

    • 443

Base Path

  • Please set the base path setting to the following path:

  • /integrations/lorawan/tektelic/

Please make sure you enter it exactly as shown above (with ending /). Also have a look at the screenshots if you are not 100% sure.

Enable HTTPS

  • Please enable the HTTPS checkmark as Datacake onyl accepts SSL secured connections.


  • You don't need to activate the authentication checkmark.

Request Headers

  • Not needed. Don't apply any changes.

Send empty payload

  • Leave unchecked

Allow all ports

  • Leave checked

Downlinks are not yet supported. If you need Downlink support on Tektelic LNS. please contact us.

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