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Global Dashboards

Workspaces do have the option to create global Dashboards. These are different from those dashboards that you create in your devices but share the same workspace builder. These differences are:
  • Use multiple devices within your builder
  • Use Table-Widgets to create overviews
  • Sort Dashboards using Tabs
You can create your own global dashboards by adding a new one under the Dashboard-Section in the Administration Group in the left sidebar.
Once the desired Dashboards have been added, it is possible to sort them in different folders. To do so, click on the configuration icon next to Add Dashboard.
The sidebar configuration allows to create folders, edit and delete them. Type the Folder name and click on Create. Once created the folders you can edit their names using the pencil. You can order them and order the dashboards inside of them by drag and drop. If you want to delete a folder, just click on the bin on the right side of the folder. Don't forget to save the changes you have made!

Sharing Global Dashboards

You can modify who gets access to your global dashboards by modifying the Access. You can share a dashboard with all members of a workspace, selected members of a workspace or anyone with a link. In that case, the link will be created after saving the dashboard.
To access the link or modify the configurations you have to go to Edit Mode, Edit Dashboard Metadata and there you will be able to copy the public link.
Remember clicking on Update Dashboard to save your configurations!
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