In this tutorial, we will show you how you set up your Helium Console and create an Integration that will forward the Information from your Devices on Helium to Datacake.

Here's a video tutorial that covers every necessary step:


Create New Integration

Open up your Console and navigate into the Integrations Section using the sidebar.

Step 1 - Add Integration

In the overview of the Integrations please click on "HTTP" to add a new Integration that we are going to set to Datacake.

We are working with Helium on a native one-click Integration. Stay tuned.

Step 2 - Endpoint Details


Please select "POST" as the Integration Method.

Endpoint URL

Simply paste in the following URL just like shown on the screenshot below:


HTTP Header (Optional)

Webhook Integration

If you want to use Webhook Authentication please provide:

  • Key: Authorization

  • Value: Token XXXXXXXXX

And make sure to replace XXXXXX with your Datacake Token.

If you want to use Webhook Authentication please see the following page for more details and to learn more about why you would want to set Authentications for webhooks.

Securing Webhooks

Please Note: Securing Webhooks is optional and you can safely skip this step in your first steps with Helium on Datacake.

Step 3 - Integration Name

Helium requires you to enter a name for your integration. You could set a name whatever you want or call it "Datacake Integration" just like in the following screenshot:

Step 4 - Integration Label

This is currently not yet supported and can be left unchanged.

Advanced - JSON Message Template

Please do not change this as this would break the compatibility with Datacake.

Need help?

Drop us an E-Mail or use the Chat Widget on our website or this documentation.

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