This page describes how you can integrate your ChirpStack instance with Datacake so you can receive data from your devices and send downlinks back to them.

An uplink is a message your device sends to Datacake. To connect your ChirpStack server to Datacake, start by adding an HTTP Integration in your ChirpStack Application. Set the "Payload marshaler" to "JSON" and the Endpoint to

Downlinks are messages Datacake sends back to your devices. They are commonly used for configuration or setting outputs on your devices (where applicable).

To connect Datacake to your ChirpStack server, go to your device's configuration tab on Datacake and scroll down to the LoRaWAN section. There, click the "Change" button on the Network Server settings:

In the modal, enter the URL of your ChirpStack instance. Please include the protocol (e.g. https://) and do not add a trailing slash. A valid URL would for example look like this:

Next, in order to add the ChirpStack API key, go back to your ChirpStack server and create a new API key.

You can give it an arbitrary name, for example "datacake". Click "Create API Key" and copy the now shown "Token".

This token is only shown once. When you lose it, you have to delete and re-create the API Key.

Back on Datacake, paste this token into the "ChirpStack API Key" field and click the "Update" button.

That's it, Datacake is now successfully connected to ChirpStack and you can start receiving data from and sending data to your devices 🎉

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