Swarm Asset Tracker

Connect your Swarm Satellite GPS Asset Tracker to Datacake

Learn how to connect Swarm's asset tracker with Datacake in this guide.

What is it?

Connect your Swarm asset tracker to the Datacake IoT platforms and use the following features for your devices.

  • Geofencing

  • Rules and alerts

  • Create customized real-time dashboards

  • Invitation of employees

  • White label OEM portal

Getting Started

Datacake provides you with a starter template for easy use of the device. This creates a dashboard for you directly to the device and has the necessary pre-configuration.

Create device

As a first step, please create a new device in Datacake by clicking on the "Add Device" button.

A modal will appear where you can select the option "API Device".

Now you will be asked for the Datacake product. Here please select the option:

  • New Product from Template

A table will now list the available templates. Select the "Swarm Asset Tracker" (as shown in the above screenshot) template from the list and confirm your selection by clicking the "Next" button.

In the next step you have to enter a name and the serial number of the device.

As serial number, please use the serial number of your Swarm device as it is displayed on the Swarm platform. If not, the decoder on your Swarm Datacake Device, which is responsible for forwarding the data, cannot find your device.

Access Device

Once you have created the device, it will appear in the list of devices in your workspace.

Click the entry to open the device on Datacake. The basic dashboard that we added to the template appears.

Connect Swarm Backend

Now that Datacake is ready to receive the data, all that remains is to connect the Swarm backend to Datacake.

This is done by forwarding the data via webhook, a URL that must be entered on the backend.

This URL was created for the API device or its product, and you can find this address under the following settings.

First, navigate to the configuration view of your currently opened Swarm device.

This opens the device's configuration, where you will find various options.

To copy the URL, you have to scroll a bit until you reach the API section. You will also find the Payload Decoder, which decodes the incoming data and stores it accordingly on the device.

You can find the URL below the Payload Decoder. Press the "Copy" button to copy it. Then you have to enter this URL on the Swarm backend.

Setup Delivery Method

To transfer data from the Swarm backend to the Datacake platform via the provided URL, a delivery method must be stored on the Swarm platform. The option for this can be found on the Swarm platform sidebar.

Now please create a new Delivery Method and enter the above copied Datacake URL. Have a look at the example in the following screenshot.

To confirm the input and create the webhook, please press "Test and Save" now. This establishes the connection between the Swarm backend and Datacake.


Does each device have its own URL?

If you create a new device, then another URL is also created. This is because the URLs are valid for the respective product assigned to the device when you create a new one.

So if you want to use the same URL for more devices, or you can only enter one URL as forwarding, select the following option when creating a device.

  • Add Existing Product

This adds another device to the already-created product, and then uses the same forwarding URL.

Other advantages are that all devices in a product share the settings for Dashboard, Payload Decoder, as these are on the product, not the device.

Data is still stored independently, but changes to the dashboard or decoder affect all devices in the product simultaneously.

This is especially helpful for large fleets.

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