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Welcome to our official Datacake Documentation

Get Started with Datacake

  • The following guides will help you to get started with Datacake
Needing some help? You can check out our support options or join our Discord community for personalised assistance.

LoRaWAN Integrations

Datacake features all major LNS. Additional can be connected via webhook Integration.

The Things Network

  • Bring your LoRaWAN Devices from The Things Stack v3 (both Community or Professional Editions) to Datacake.



We do feature a native Integration for the LoRaWAN Network Server featuring both Uplinks and Downlinks.

Additional LNS

  • See a list of all available LNS here:

IoT Integrations


  • Connect any cloud service to Datacake using webhooks.

Learn how to connect the Middleware using templates and webhook integration to Datacake.

Blues Wireless Notecard

If you are having a Notecard and want to to use that on the Datacake IoT Platform, please read the following guide.

Connect your Devices to the Datacake Platform using both Publish and Functions for bidirectional communication between dashboards on Datacake and your devices. Tracker One

There is also a native preset and template for the Tracker One device available.


  • If you want to connect your Device to Datacake using MQTT - This is the way to go!


Read here how to connect a local or device installed Node-RED version to Datacake using REST-API.

Cake Red

Are you looking for a way to host Node-RED in the Datacake Cloud? Cake Red is the way to go!


Value Widget

Image Map Widget

Chart Widget

Map Widget


Everything is focused around the Datacake Time-Series Database. Read in the following Guides how to create fields and what options we have for storing your data.
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