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Datacake offers native Integration for Devices that use LoRaWAN Networks. Our mission is to make it easier to bring devices onto the Datacake Platform. For this Datacake features:

  • Payload De- / Encoders for common LoRaWAN Devices

  • Integration for LoRaWAN Networks (TTN, TTI, Loriot, Kerlink)

Add your first LoRaWAN Device to Datacake

To create your first LoRaWAN Device you have to navigate into your fleet overview and press the "Add Device" Button on top right of the device-list panel.

Now a dialog appears asking you for the type of device you want to create. Please select the type "LoRaWAN Device".

After selecting the device type "LoRaWAN Device", a wizard appears, which guides you through the individual steps.

As a first step a list of available LoRaWAN device templates is displayed. This looks something like the following:

You now have two options.

  1. You already own a LoRaWAN device and want to add it to Datacake

  2. You create your own LoRaWAN device on Datacake

In the next steps we will now deal with the case that you already own one or more LoRaWAN devices and that this is also available in the list of templates.

What are the advantages of using Templates?

When you select a template, the following things are automatically configured and set up for you in the background.

  • The connection to the LoRaWAN network

  • Payload Decoder / Encoder

  • Creation of a dashboard

  • Set the necessary configuration


Create your own Device