Datacake TTN

How to set up a LoRaWAN Device in less than two minutes and without any line of code!

What is it?

We see very often that people fail to integrate their first LoRaWAN device on TTN. Often it fails because of the creation of a TTN application or because payload decoders have to be created.

✅ We solve this by creating generic applications on TTN.

These applications are then managed completely from Datacake. You do not have to bother with the creation of applications or create complex payload decoders.

✅ It gets even better.

If you are within range of a TTN network or have a TTN-Enabled Gateway (which already communicates with TTN), then you don't need an intermediate step.

You can simply create your LoRaWAN devices directly on Datacake.


In order to use the Datacake TTN option you need at least to have:

  • You have a LoRaWAN Device + Keys (DevEUI, AppEUI, AppKEY).

  • You have a LoRaWAN Gateway which is already connected to TTN ...

  • ... or you have public TTN network coverage in your area.

  • A free Datacake Account

If you are living in the Netherlands then you are lucky as the latter is mostly the case.

Setting up

As already mentioned, we now assume that you already have an active TTN Gateway or that there is TTN Network Coverage in your environment.

Create an Account

If you have not already done so, create your own account on Datacake now.

Creating an Account is free and we allow up to 2 free devices. Read more about this here:

Add first Device

After you have signed up you will be logged in into your account and you will see your Workspace overview. If you have not added a device yet the workspace will look like this:

Now click on the top right button "Add Device" to start adding your first TTN LoRaWAN device.

Select Device Template

If you click on the "Add Device" button, this will start a wizard that will guide you through the necessary steps.

As a first step, you will be shown a number of presets for LoRaWAN devices.

For each of these presets there is:

  • A Payload Decoder

  • Device Dashboard

  • Downlinks (if available for that device)

What if my device is not on the list?

You can create your own Device by selecting the "Generic LoRa Device". In this case you would have to create Database Fields, Payload Decoder, and Dashboard by yourself. You can find more about that here:


Select Datacake TTN

  • In the next step of the wizard, you are asked to choose a LoRaWAN Network Server.

  • Here you select the "Datacake TTN" Option like shown in the screenshot below:

Choose Plan

  • Next, you have to select a plan which you want to use for your device

  • We support having up to 2 free devices and there are additional plans for different use-cases available. See this page for more detail.

Enter Device ID and Key

  • In the last step of the wizard you are required to provide the IDs and Key of your device:

  • You can usually find the ID and keys on a short instruction leaflet or in a separate e-mail from the dealer.

  • To complete the creation of the device, confirm the entry of the ID and keys with the "Add Device" button.

No TTN Setup required

  • Adding a Device via Datacake TTN Option will automatically transfer the IDs and Key to TTN

  • There is no need to register the Device on a TTN Application or Console anymore

Activate the Device

  • Now it's time that you activate your device so that it sends data to the Gateway and Datacake

  • In the following Screenshot we have been using a Dragino LHT65 to show you how this looks

  • The Dashboard you see in the above screenshot was taken from the selected preset


If in any way you are having trouble to set up the Datacake TTN Option and don't see any Data arriving on Datacake, this could be because of:

No Gateway or network coverage

  • You simply don't have a TTN enabled Gateway or Coverage in your Area

  • Move to a location where you are pretty sure that you have TTN available

Keys wrong or entered incorrectly

  • If you entered the key and ID incorrectly or have the wrong key, you can repeat the entry. Simply delete the device from Datacake and start the process again.

We are here to help!

Please ask us or use the live chat functionality of our webpage so that we can help you set up your device. We are super happy to help!


Datacake has a built-in console that shows you the last 100 messages received by your device and some basic error logs.

To access it simply navigate into the "Debug"-Tab on your Device-View: