Manual input

In the configuration overview of the fields, you can manually enter measured values for the following fields:
  • Integer
  • Float
  • String
  • Boolean
Simply move your mouse cursor over the drop-down selector of your respective field and click on the "Set Value" item:
You will see the following Modal / View:
Now enter the desired measured value into the field and confirm it by clicking the "Set Value" button. Your measured value is now entered with a time stamp.

Manual Input triggers API

If you enter a measured value into the field in this way, it is passed on internally to the API via the backend and this measured value is also output automatically via MQTT.
If you have created rules that monitor the measuring field, then these rules are now also informed about the entry.

Manually set Counters

Counter-Fields are not yet supported by manual input. In order to do this you need to create a Float or Integer Field before and add the Counter-Field as a Mapping-Field with a factor of 1.
Every time you input a new value this will be forwarded into the mapping. Please make sure that the value you input is always an absolute value as the counter will calculate the relative changes by itself.
For example - When you have something that counts and is at 22 - next value will be 23 - not 1 for a new event.
Last modified 2yr ago