What are Datacake Teams?

With Datacake Teams we offer you the possibility to combine your members and devices into a group and create access rights for that group.

When should I use Teams?

You have a high number of devices

If you have a relatively large number of devices and you want to grant access to these devices to a newly added user, you previously had to add this user to each device.

With Datacake Teams this is now a thing of the past. Simply add the devices to a team. If you then add another user to this team, they will automatically get access to all devices defined in the team. Access rights can be set individually for each device or you can set them once for all devices in your workspace.

Automatic access to future devices

With the help of teams, you can give your team members Workspace-Wide access to all devices by activating a checkbox. If you add new devices to your workspace, these members will automatically have access to the newly added device!

Set permissions dynamically

Create teams for each role in your organization, such as teams for:

  • Administrators, Guest, Customers

  • Service-People

  • Sales

  • Distributors

Each team gets its own users and rights. You can also add selected devices to the respective teams or unlock devices of the entire workspace.

Onboarding new Users

If you invite a new user to your workspace, you can define which devices this user is allowed to access when you create the invitation. If you have a relatively large number of devices, this process is extremely time-consuming, as each device would have to be activated individually.

Instead, you can use Datacake Teams to bring newly invited users into a team where all devices have already been added or where permissions for all devices have been defined in the workspace page.

Create your first team

Now let's create your first team. To do this, navigate to the "Teams" item under the "Administration" group using the sidebar.

If you have newly created your workspace, then it does not yet have any teams. To create a new team please click on the button "Add Team" in the upper right corner of the Teams-Section. The following dialog should appear in your browser:

Common Settings

Set Team Name

Enter a name for your first team here.

Set a Description

With the help of the "Team description" you can set a description which e.g. enables other users to understand how they can use the team.

Add Members to your Team

Now add first members to your first team. To do this, use the "Members" input field and then click with the mouse in the field. You can now enter the name of your members. An auto-completion lists suggestions, which you can confirm with the Enter key or the mouse.

Add API Users to your Team

API Benutzer verhalten sich wie regulÀre Nutzer.

Team with just one Member?

Yes of course! With the help of teams, you can allow members to access all devices in the workspace. You do not have to explicitly assign each device to this member. This is already useful for a single person. So using a Team just with one single member is a sure thing!

Also, this makes sense, for example, if you want to create an access token via an API user who should automatically get access to all current and future devices.

Read more about API Users here:

Set what Team Members can do in this Workspace

In the next section "Workspace Permissions on <your workspace name here>" you can determine the permissions of your team members within your workspace. Select the things you need and deactivate rights that are not mandatory.

Set Device Permissions

In the last section you can set the permissions of your team members for devices.

You basically have two options:

  • Setting permissions for all devices in your workspace equally

  • Setting rights on individual devices

Let us now take a closer look at the options:

Set Permissions for all Devices in your Workspace

To set permissions for all devices in your workspace, click on the button "Set permissions for all Devices in Workspace".

This dialog now adds another panel, which allows you to select via checkboxes which rights apply equally to all Devices in your workspace.

If this option is active, this means that if you add or create new devices in your workspace in the future, all members of your team will automatically get access according to the rights defined here! This can be both advantageous but also negative. So please remember!

Set Permissions for individual Devices

If you do not necessarily want to give rights for all devices in your workspace, you can pick individual devices to add to your team in the same way you add users.

This will show a dialog from which you can select the permission for that device. When you add the device to your team this will also add another panel at the end of the Teams Dialog. Here you can change permission settings later on.


Please do not forget to confirm the creation of your first team by pressing the "Save" button.