Datacake People Counter
Official Datasheet for the Datacake People Counter.


The Datacake People Counter is a device for counting passenger flows in real time. It counts how many mobile devices are present, which in turn gives an estimate of how many people are in the area around.
This is done without invading privacy: you don't need to observe people's devices if you just want to count them. Therefore, the device does not store MAC addresses persistently and does not take fingerprints from the scanned devices.

Functional Principle

The Datacake people counter is based on a Pycom LoPy4 module, which has a LoRaWAN modem and an ESP32.
Using the WiFi and Bluetooth module of ESP32, the environment is monitored and evaluated for corresponding radio signals from nearby smartphones. The device's firmware identifies smartphones by their MAC addresses and can also distinguish them from other WiFi devices.
To ensure compliance with data protection regulations, the MAC address is anonymized on the meter and replaced by randomly generated numbers. A measurement always takes place within a freely configurable time window.
Finally, the number of detected devices is transferred to a central gateway via the LoRaWAN interface. WiFi and Bluetooth devices are counted independently and transmitted separately.
Depending on the laws of your country, it may be illegal to sniff for MAC addresses on wireless networks. Please check and respect the laws of your country before using the device.
If you use the Datacake People Counter, you do so at your own risk. This means that you - not Datacake - are solely responsible for compliance with the law. Please be especially careful and seek legal advice if you intend to count passers-by in public areas and/or use the data you receive from them.


Restriction of RSSI

A restriction of the RSSI can be set via downlink. Thus, detected devices with a lower RSSI can be excluded from the count. This is helpful if the count is to take place only at a short distance.

Datacake Integration

The delivery of the people counter includes a license for the use of the platform, which includes the following functions:
  • Data storage of the measured values for a period of time over the last 7 days
  • Display of measured values on dashboard
  • Convenient configuration of the device via downlink


IP67 housing
The housing of the people counter is an IP67 certified housing from the manufacturer Pycom. Thus the people counter is also prepared for outdoor use.
Wall mounting
In addition, the housing offers a simple possibility for wall mounting via two screw holes.

LoRaWAN Connectivity

The people counter has a standardized LoRaWAN module with Semtech SX1276 LoRa module and is therefore compatible with common LoRaWAN gateways and network servers

Individual keys

The device is delivered with a set of IDs (and keys).

Runs with Datacake Gateway

If the device is purchased with Datacake LTE Gateway, the meter can be used directly. All that is required is that the gateway and sensor are set up and connected to the power. No further configuration or programming is required. After entering the IDs on the platform, the meter data is immediately available.

Features of the Datacake platform

Dashboard In the scope of delivery you will receive a dashboard to the counter, which you can adapt to your own needs. You can also create global dashboards with the help of the editor.

Public Dashboards

A globally created dashboard can be shared with others via a link.

Rule Engine

Send Alerts

Send alerts by e-mail or SMS as soon as a threshold value is reached.
  • Free sending of e-mails
  • SMS can be purchased as a package with costs
  • Free choice of recipients (for e-mail and SMS)

Time-based Rules

rules Thanks to extended functions, time ranges for the limit values can be established, e.g. if a limit value is exceeded within one hour, etc.


The Rule Engine allows sending Webhook to third party software tools or messenger services
  • Send Webhooks to call APIs or Messenger Services
  • Create Custom Headers and Payload Structures
A rule can trigger sending Downlinks to other LoRaWAN (or any other) Device on Datacake.

More Information

You find more information and detailed documentation of the rule-engine here:


Invite people to collaborate and share devices and measurement data on the Datacake platform.

Multi-Tenancy capability

Create an unlimited number of Workspaces for clients or projects and invite individual members into these Spaces by providing an E-Mail which will automatically generate and send an invitation.

Rights and Roles

Set Rights and Roles for each member individually and according to what the people are allowed to do.

White Label

With the white label package of the Datacake platform, you bind your own domain to the portal and exchange the Datacake logo for your own. Learn more about it here:

Technical Data



  • Pycom LoPy4 based
  • ESP32 as the main CPU and Bluetooth + WiFi Module


  • 90x90x40mm (excluding Antennas)


  • SMA Adapter for external LoRaWAN and WiFi Antenna
  • WiFi-Antenna: approx. 120mm length
  • LoRa-Antenna: approx. 200mm length

Power Supply

  • USB-A Power Supply via directly attached cable
  • Power Consumption: 100 to 200 mA


  • Fully LoRaWAN compatible
  • Semtech SX1276 LoRaWAN Transceiver
  • Europe (868 MHz) and USA (915 MHz)
  • Range > 100 meters in buildings or several kilometers outside
  • Supports several Downlinks for Sensor Configuration
  • Transmits WiFi and Bluetooth Count over LoRaWAN
  • Works with any LoRaWAN Network